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The Global Team


Dr. Naval Kumar

President (RHF Japan)

Ms. Hisato Kohyama

President (RHF UAE)

Dr. Anupriya Batra

Faculty (RHF Academics)

Dr. A K Gupta

Dental Expert (RHF Academics)

Dr. L. S. Mehta

Advisor, RHF

Dr. A. K. Kaushik

Faculty (Dance Yoga Therapy)

Ms. Nataly Salazar

Volunteer (Psychology & Meditation)

Dr. Goodwill Khokhar

200+ Members
Volunteered to work with us
since 2015!!

We are propagating healthcare, wellness, preventive medicine, nutrition education and importance of health through various programs
Continuously enhancing the various domains of health and wellness for all individuals and generating essential awareness and knowledge among the people to reinforce the significance of fitness, yoga and clean nutrition as a way of life!

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Strengthening the healthcare sector, through nutrition education, preventive medicine and wellness practices, eventually empowering individuals to prioritize personal fitness and persona.

Health Awareness

Health Awareness

Aiming at propagating and inculcating the significance of both physical and mental well being through various programs and therapies.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Always keeping a force of volunteers ready to act in a situation of a disaster, natural/manmade calamity, etc along with providing aid in rescuing and ensuring relief to victims’ life and property.



Aspiring to strengthen healthy lifestyle and fitness through yogic and spiritual practices among the youth and familiarizing the population with its various beneficial outcomes taught through the science of yoga and traditional therapies.

Service to Community

Service to Community

Driven by the phrase “Service before Self”, we untiringly work towards providing support and relief to the weaker sections and the special classes of the society through various programs and establishments, thereby contributing towards nation building.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Encouraging students and teachers both to carry out researches and surveys and develop novel methodologies to sustain environment and enhance the healthcare sector.

Pollution Control

Pollution Control

Striving to monitor and control emissions for the purpose of a safe, healthy and sustainable environment along with keeping a check on the usage of natural resources which are running out quickly.

Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Generating awareness & striving for total elimination of drug abuse, smoking, drinking, and tobacco consumption and subsequently launching de-addiction programs and recovery projects.



Providing extensive knowledge along with an efficient skill-set for the youth with the establishment of medical colleges, school of nursing, lab technician/ Para medical institutions and enhancing employability.

Swachh Bharat

Swachh Bharat

Embracing the act of godliness by creating a sense of social responsibility among the individuals to keep the localities and neighborhoods clear and hygienic at all times.

Recent Events

Holistic Approach to Improve Healthcare, February 4-6, 2019, Dubai

A league of Diligent & Inventive Leaders

Holistic Approach to Improve Healthcare, UAE showcasing eminent scientists, doctors, professionals from academia, Schwabe's India and government officials from Unani, Ministry of AYUSH, etc.
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Informative & Brainstorming Sessions

A glimpse of an interactive and enlightening session by Dr. Naval, advisor, Ministry of AYUSH who has been the man behind conceptualizing the idea of Holistic Health for all!
Read More

Yoga-Aasana Demonstration

Audience enthusiastically participating in Yoga training program lead by Dr. Swati Madan, Amity University, Noida.
Read More
Our Mission

OurMultidisciplinary sectors
that you can be a part of!

Community & Environment

Continuously making efforts to make the planet greener, cleaner and an ever growing sustainable and compassionate home for all by undertaking various campaigns and projects.

Health and Haleness

Striving to provide healthcare facilities, adequate nutrition and fitness programs to all individuals through generating awareness, yoga programs, homeopathy, etc.

Education& Research

Empowering the youth by imparting extensive knowledge and developing skill-set along and enhancing their inclination and curiosity to carry out researches and surveys.

Get readyto witness a GlobalHolistic Summit
like never before!

Holistic Health Global Summit is exclusively curated for women associated with medicine and health industry, with the aim of promoting and connecting the global pioneers. It will be a B2B summit which will bring together the best of industry under one roof and would have panel discussions by eminent speakers, workshops and networking.
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